Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Grocery Game

I've told a lot of friends and family about The Grocery Game. It has helped me A LOT. So much, I thought I'd share it on here too! is a website that will save you LOTS of money on your grocery bill. The Grocery Game is also a BIG time saver.

How it Works:

The Grocery Game provides you with a weekly sales list for your regularly shopped stores. The sales list includes advertised and unadvertised specials. The list will also include any potential coupon match ups so you save even more.

The List:

The list of weekly sales items is color coded with 3 different colors. The color coding tells you about the price for that item.

  • Black- it's a good price, buy it only if you need it
  • Blue- it's a great price, stock up if you use it
  • Green- it's FREE (need I say more???)
Is The Grocery Game for Me?:

Maybe! Every weekend I used to sit down and clip all the coupons from the Sunday newspaper. I'd organize them in my coupon binder and then look over the sales circulars to see what coupons I could match up with the weeks sales. It was very time consuming.

Since I've joined The Grocery Game I no longer spend a large amount of time trying to save money. I simply log onto the website, print out my list, clip only the coupons that match the list, and I'm out the door.

Initially, it did take some time to read all The Grocery Game rules but once I read it all, I was set!

Last year, I was surprised to see the The Grocery Game when I was on CNN reading 18 Ways to Beat Inflation. See their #5 mention.

Now I will be honest- The Grocery Game didn't work for some friends. It was too confusing or they didn't stick with it....

What's the Catch?:

There isn't one! Your first month is a $1 trial subscription. You can sign up for all your local stores to see which lists you like best.

After the trial, the cost is $10 for an 8-week subscription (one store) and $5 for each additional stores. So, for about $1.25 per week, you get a list that does all the match ups for you and provides unadvertised specials.

And if you find that The Grocery Game isn't for you, just cancel!

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