Thursday, November 4, 2010

GIVEAWAYS: Seventh Generation, Fiber One, & Wendy's

It's neat to see that one of my favorite mom bloggers, Mindi at Moms Need to Know, is also a participant of MyBlogSpark. I filled you in on MyBlogSpark before. From their site:

MyBlogSpark™ is a fun and exciting group of bloggers that have access to review new products and services and participate in exciting giveaways, surveys and events. The network provides “Sparks” of information directly to its members from some of the best known consumer brands in the country.

Anyway, Mindi has up some cool giveaways from MyBlogSpark right now:

Seventh Generation Gift Pack
Fiber One Prize Pack Giveaway

She also has a Wendy's $7 Gift Card giveaway right now too. Hurry, these giveaways only last a short time.

Speaking of MyBlogSpark, I have a General Mills and Movie Tickets giveaway coming up. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 22, 2010

SheSpeaks ROCKS!

I've filled you in on SheSpeaks many, many, many times before. Just do a search using the tool on my right side bar and you'll get back an abundance of hits.

SheSpeaks and various product companies have blessed me several times since my last post. I got a rockin' follow up to the Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen- a creamy body lotion, coupons, and more sample packs for friends.

I earned a FREE magazine subscription and a $10 Amazon gift card for completing a survey on the new AMEX ZYNC card.

I received a smokin' hot pack from Perdue that included a silicone baking tray, a FREE product coupon, and more $2 coupons to share with friends.

Most recently I won the Snickers Coolest House on the Block Program (thank you, thank you, thank you Snickers!!!). I'm thinking this might just be the mother load of freebies I've ever received. The 2 packages from Fedex arrived today; all 40 lbs of it! Here are the pics of my loot:

(You'll notice a certain little someone wasted noooo time crawling her way over to the candy!)

Pictured above are:

  • Nineteen bags of SNICKERS® FUN SIZE® Peanut Butter Squared 11oz. bags
  • Ten bags of SNICKERS® FUN SIZE® 11 oz. bags
  • "Coolest House" front yard sign
  • One strobe light
  • One fog machine (with "fog" formula)
  • One pack of "crime scene" tape
  • One package of spider webs
  • Three branded clings
  • One extension cord
  • One box of SNICKERS® Brand post cards
  • One Halloween tote bag

According to SheSpeaks:

All we ask in return is that you share videos and/or photos of your house and trick-or-treaters so that we can show SNICKERS® Facebook fans what the Coolest House on the Block looks like!

Sounds easy enough to me! I can't wait to set it up and pass it out. This will be a Halloween to remember. SheSpeaks and Snickers, thank you, you rule!


Yes, I think I'm ready to admit it... I've been defeated!

I didn't think:

  • adding a 3rd child to the mix
  • going back to work
  • increasing my hours at work and taking on more roles
  • putting our house for sale on the market
  • looking to buy a new house
  • (and so much more)

would really affect my time for deals and sharing them on the blog but IT SURE HAS!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've been on here. I'm sorry I left you for so long wondering where the heck I was.

Anyway, I'm officially putting it out there that I AM STILL ALIVE and that from here forward, my blog entries will be reduced in number. I plan on sharing my steals but the frequency of my posts will be on the lighter side.

I've still been getting my steals; not as much as I used to but still rockin' them none the less.

Some of my recent conquests include:

  • $20 money maker on Crest toothpast and $7.20 money maker on Nivea lip balm @ Rite Aid
  • Numerous Catalina deals at Acme
  • 1008 (yes, that's one thousand eight) Pampers wipes from Amazon delivered to my door for less than $20
  • Fisher Price train delivered to my door for $10

I'm sure there's a lot I'm forgetting, after all it has been a month. I've been following my usual hot spots for great tips on steals: Moms Need to Know, Hot Coupon World, Slick Deals (thanks Alice!), Common Sense With Money, and a few others.

So the point of this post? I'm here and stay tuned for some new posts!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rite Aid: SUPER CHEAP Pampers

Thanks to reader Alice for the heads up on this steal!

Today through Sunday (the 18th) Rite Aid has a promo on Pampers boxed diapers. They are $19.99 each and generate a $5 +UP Reward.

If you have a Wellness card discount the $19.99 comes down an additional 10% or 20%. After +UP Rewards, I got the 2 boxes of diapers pictured above for around $6 out of pocket.

Here's what I did and how you can do it too!

(2) Pampers boxes @ $15.99 (20% Wellness discount)

I also got a pack of juice boxes because we needed them for school lunches this week. Nothing special about these, though.

(2) $1 manufacturer coupon from Sunday paper
Pay about $26 out of pocket and get back $20 in +UP Rewards.

And this gives me more than half of my P&G spending for the Everyday Savings coupon booklet.

Keep in mind that these +UP Rewards can be used on almost anything in the store. Maintain an open mind and remember that Rite Aid also sells bread, milk, eggs, juice, etc. and not just the usual health & beauty and medicinal products. Good luck!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

House for Sale!

Wow! It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a month since my last post. I suppose it's for good reason though. We've been really busy getting our house ready to list on the market!

We've been trying like crazy to keep our house spotless for showings. With our family of 5 people and 3 furry pets I must say it's a little overwhelming at times.

I spent the last 3 weekends cleaning and going through things. My steals have suffered since I've been so occupied with prepping the house. : ( I of course haven't paid full price for anything, but just haven't had the spare time to share my findings.

Anyway, if you like what you see below, let me know!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Florida Crystals: Giveaway!

From their website:

"Florida Crystals® sugar is a sweet, organic staple in your kitchen and they want to give you a sweet summer treat. One lucky winner will receive a $500 gift card plus coupons for free products from Florida Crystals!

In addition, three winners will also receive coupons for free Florida Crystals products! ...

Enter by August 28th. Winners will be selected and notified via email on or around August 31st."

Click here to enter!

Quiznos: $2 off Sub and More!

Take this coupon to Quiznos and save $2 off a regular or large sub OR get FREE chips and a drink! Valid through August 18th.

Nature's Bounty: FREE Sample of Adult Gummies

Click here to claim your FREE sample of Nature's Bounty Adult Gummies.

My son loves his gummy vitamins. Wondering if the adult variety is any good?

Earth's Best: FREE Sports Authority Gift Card

Here's a deal if you're into organics.

Buy: A combination of any participating products
totaling $10 or more from:

•Garden of Eatin’® Snacks
•Rice Dream®, Soy Dream® and
Almond Dream® Beverages
•Health Valley Organic® Cereals and Snack Bars
•MaraNatha® Nut Butters
•Earth’s Best® Sesame Street®, Earth’s Best Tots® and Earth’s Best Kidz® Products and Frozen Foods
(Not valid on Earth’s Best® jarred or other infant foods.)

Send: This completed redemption form and original register receipt(s) with with UPC/ product name and purchase price circled.

Receive: $5 gift card for $10 in purchases
$10 gift card for $20 in purchases

For the redemption form and details, click here!

Kohl's: 15% and 20% Off

Now through August 8th save:

15% off any purchase


20% off your entire purchase when you spend $100 or more

at Kohl's! Click here to print your coupon.

Office Depot: $10 off $50

Get a head start on back to school shopping! Take $10 off $50 at Office Depot with this coupon. Valid through 8/12/10.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Consignment Store Find: $1 Gymboree Hat

I went to the consignment store the other day to drop off some things to sell. I stumbled upon this adorable bear hat for just $1! Yes, it's from the boys line but it's too cute, and she likes it so humph!

If you have a consignment store nearby be on the lookout for finds like these. I'm sure this hat was regularly $12+. When she outgrows it I'm certain we'll be able to get our money back.

Lillian Vernon: $8.99 Twin Sheet Sets

Thanks to reader Kim for sharing:

Lillian Vernon
has girls pink twin sheet sets for just $8.99! These are marked down from $29.98. Go through eBates for 8% cash back too!

Thanks Kim!

Quiznos: $5 Meal Coupon or Sub Coupon

I am in love with the California Club sub @ Quiznos! At least with this $5 Meal coupon, my addiction is a little less expensive. ; ) Expires August 11th.

Don't want an entire meal? Use this coupon, shared by reader Tim, to save a dollar or two off just the sub! Expires September 1st.

Carter's: 20% off $40

Now through August 4th, take this coupon to Carter's to save an additional 20% off your purchase of $40 or more.

Shutterfly: 3 FREE Photo Cards

You can get 3 FREE 5x7 folded photo cards at Shutterfly right now. Use code SUMMERCARDS at checkout. Shipping is 99 cents. Valid through 9/1/10.

These make good thank you, birthday, or any occasion cards. Thanks Common Sense With Money!

(Go through eBates for 8% cash back too!)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Big Tarp = Big STEALS!

I am slowly becoming a BIG FAN of The BIG TARP! I've gone in there a few times recently and have gotten some awesome deals!

Most recently we got:

2 video games for $12.50
a $198 boutique jacket for about $12 (that I eBayed and earned $18)
food items for 50% off the marked price and an additional 25% off that

The used video games are 1/2 price AND B1G1. My son picked out (2) $24.99 games for $12.50 total. I looked up the titles he chose on eBay just to see if we got a fair price. The one title was selling used for $12. The other title was selling used for $20! Waa hoo!

All children's clothing is an additional 50% off the lowest marked price. I got the boutique jacket mentioned above and many other boutique items for 90% - 95% off retail. I even got a toddler girls Gap jean skirt for $4!

I got some graham cracker pie crusts to use for summer time pie making. They were marked $2.22. So they were $1.11 with an additional 25% off (or $.83 each). Not bad!

While The Big Tarp isn't fresh and bright like your traditional brick & mortars, there are still good deals to be had. Just be prepared for a flea market-type experience!

Target: 75% Off Toy Clearance

Ask any super-thrifty mom what the end of July means to her and she'll without a doubt tell you, "Target Toy Clearance!"

That's right- for many years now, at the middle to end of July, Target has marked down toys 75% off. Apparently this is their way of making room for holiday-season inventory.

Happy deal hunting!

Today's Scores!

I had some errands to run today: post office, Acme, library, Rite Aid. Every stop resulted in a big SCORE!

My first stop was the post office. I needed to drop off 2 packages and a few envelopes.

One of my packages was an Oilily jacket I'd bought from The Big Tarp for about $12. I was pretty sure I could "flip" it on eBay. Low and behold, it sold for $31! Now mind you, the $18 I made on the jacket isn't huge $$$, but it's $18 I didn't have before (and I really only sell on eBay for the "thrill" of it.) Lame, huh?

Keep reading for the scoop on the other SCORES of the day!

Acme: Clearance FREEBIES

After the Post Office we ran into Acme. As it's only 5 minutes from the house, I'm in there a couple times a week. Earlier in the week I'd seen TONS of clearance medications and I knew I had Sunday paper coupons for them so...

I ran in today, armed with Qs, and got all of this:

(2) Pampers wipes
(2) Kraft Mac & Cheese (one shown; we already ate the other for lunch!)
(4) Children's liquid Benadryl
(4) Bendaryl 100 ct tablets
(5) Visine
(1) Supra Clens





I had $1 Catalina coupons making the wipes $.99 each. The Kraft is on sale this week 2/$1. The Supra Clens, which is the best contact lens cleaner EVER, was on clearance for $2!!! The Benadryl's and Visine's were FREE after Sunday paper coupons.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Why the h#l% does this chick need all these OTC meds?"

The answer to your question is, "She doesn't!"

Actually, I'll probably keep a bottle of the Bendaryl tablets since I use them from time to time. The other items I'll probably "pay forward" and give them to family and friends who can use them. And, if not, they'll go in the eBay / donate pile. : )

(click receipt below to enlarge)

Fallston Library: FREE DD & Bob Evans Qs

We went to the Fallston library so DS9 could return a video game and check out some new books. Sitting right there on the Summer Reading Program table were coupons for:

1 FREE Dunkin Donut
1 FREE Bob Evans kids meal

I picked up one of each coupon for each of my 3 kids! Now, why couldn't we have had the Bob's Qs on Thursday night???

Rite Aid: 31 Items for $2.42!

(click receipts below to enlarge)

Yes, you read the title of this post CORRECTLY! I got 31 items at Rite Aid for $2.42 (and $.92 of that is tax!)

Here's what I did and how you can do it too:

I got:

(2) Slim Jim's
(2) 20 oz Mountain Dews
(7) 12 ct Rolaids
(2) Tucks Cooling Pads (I'm not going to tell you who these are for!)
(10) 2 pk women's Schick disposable razors
(1) Ace sports tape
(1) Poland Spring Aqua Pods
(1) Colgate toothpaste
(1) Reach toothbrush
(2) Nivea for Men body wash
(4) Stride gum

I used my Wellness Card which takes 20% off most of my regularly priced items and some of my sale items. I watched a ~ 2 minute video here and earned a $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon. I used the $5/$25 coupon and:

B1G1 Mountain Dew coupon from here
(5) $1 Rolaids coupons, Sunday paper
(2) $4 off 2 Rolaids and Tucks coupons, Sunday paper
(10) $1 Schick coupons from a booklet similar to this
(1) $4 in-ad coupon for the Ace sports tape
(1) $1 Reach toothbrush coupon, Sunday paper
(2) $1 Nivea for Men body wash coupons, Sunday paper
(2) B1G1 Stride gum coupons, Sunday paper
$9 in +Up Rewards (similar to CVS extra care bucks, a.k.a. FREE Rite Aid $)

And I earned an additional $6 in +Up rewards!

I'm reading your mind again, and yes, I DO NOT NEED all of these items. However, many of these items were FREE, or in the case of the Ace sports tape a money-maker, and I'll give away what I can't use to friends and family OR ebay 'em!

I do not spend hours upon hours doing these deals. I'll admit it- I cheat! I stop by Moms Need to Know or Hot Coupon World each week and scope out what's FREE, nearly FREE, or a money-maker. Then I simply clip only those coupons that apply and out to the store I go!

Giant: Using Triple Coupons to Your Advantage

From time to time, Giant will have Dollar Doubler or $.99 Tripler coupons in their sales paper. Combined with a manufacturer coupon, these coupons will either double or triple the face value of the coupon.

Although Giant isn't the closest grocery store, or the store that I find to have the best prices, I try to take advantage of the Doublers and Triplers when it's practical.

Here's my haul from 2 weeks ago. We needed eggs, milk, produce, bottled water, and baby wipes.

I used 5 Tripler coupons along with:

Horizon $.75 coupon from a flier at the pediatricians office
Del Monte Pineapple $.50 coupon from
Eggland's Best Eggs $.55 coupon from a magazine
Eckrich $.50 coupon from the Sunday paper
Pampers Wipes $.50 coupon from a home mailer

I earned one $.05 bag refill credit and since I used the self-scanner I also earned an extra $.25 off the eggs as one of the scanner promos.

Total out of pocket, including tax, for this haul: $16.87. Not bad for organic milk, produce, "the good eggs," meat, etc!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Old Navy Steals!

I'd received an email from Old Navy advertising their Stuff & Save sale. With Stuff & Save, you use an Old Navy charge card to receive an additional 20% off your entire purchase. You also earn a FREE tote bag. I don't typically charge anything (cash basis of spending) but I was curious to see what it was all about. So yesterday, in the store I went!

I was IMPRESSED! There were tons of ladies tops on sale for $5 and the men's and children's clearance items were an additional 30% off!

With the Stuff & Save sale and the additional 30% off clearance discount I scored BIG TIME!

I got:

many pairs of infant & toddler-sized jeans for about $3
toddler hoodies for a little less than $3
women's tops for $4
men's boxer shorts for $1.10
dog toys for $1 and change
gift boxes and greeting cards for $.22
and much more!

To avoid interest fees and keep my out-of-pocket spending as low as I can, I'll be sure to pay off the entire charge from yesterday when the bill arrives next month.

Don't have an Old Navy charge? You can still save! Go here and play the game to find an Old Navy printable coupon!

PETCO: 10% off Entire Purchase

Click here for a printable 10% off Petco in-store coupon. Valid through 7/31. Remember, when shopping in-store, you can also use manufacturer coupons to further reduce your out-of-pocket spending!

Prefer to shop online? Enter code 10offjulydm at check out. Valid through 7/24.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

All You Reality Checkers: Riders by Lee Jeans

...And as if the FREE Rubbermaid Premier Storage set wasn't enough, I was also invited to review a FREE, brand new pair of Riders by Lee Jeans! As an All You Reality Checker, I get such opportunities from time to time, and I always take them up on it!

As a BIG FAN of Old Navy and Gap jeans, I must admit I wasn't sure how I'd like the new Riders. But I'm here to confess, they are realllly nice! As the tag indicated, the jeans really do "instantly slim you." Who can't use a little of that? Hee.. hee...

Want in on the freebies too? Check out SheSpeaks and the All You Reality Checker program!

SheSpeaks: Rubbermaid Premier Storage

When SheSpeaks asked me if I wanted to review a FREE 12-piece Rubbermaid Premier Storage set I was all over it! (As if they needed to ask!)

I did a video review that you can watch below. It's a little tough to hear, especially with a sweet little big-mouthed toddler in the background, but hey, it works.

A Few Purchases to Brag About

Check out the Totals at the bottoms of these receipts. It's always fun getting goodies for mere pocket change. Bwa haa haa haa haaaaa (insert evil laugh!)

You can click on the images to make them larger.