Monday, August 31, 2009

Latest Target Steals

Thanks to Mercedes over at Common Sense with Money for the heads up on the steals at Target right now!

I went last week and here's what I scored:

4- Johnson & Johnson Buddies soaps, FREE
4- 4 oz Gerber baby bottles, FREE
4- bags of Skittles Cores, FREE
3- pouches of Starkist tuna, $1.49
1- bottle of A1, $.99
1- can of Market Pantry stewed tomatoes, clearance $.27
4- General Mills cereal cups, FREE
2- tubes of Vaseline Aloe lotion, travel section, FREE
4- tubes of Colgate Sponge Bob toothpaste, travel section, FREE
2- cups of Market Selects cat food, FREE
4- cans of Chef Michaels wet dog food, FREE
1- pkg Oral B floss, $.02
4- Nexcare bandages, travel section, FREE

All of this for a measly $3.89 (tax included)! I followed the coupons that Mercedes suggested and also used:

$1 off 2 cups of Market Selects cat food MFR coupon
regularly $.49 each
FREE with coupon

$1 off Oral-B floss MFR coupon
regularly $1.02
$.02 with coupon

$1.50 off 3 Starkist pouches MFR coupon from tear pad @ Acme
$1 off 3 Starkist pouches Target coupon
on sale $1.33 each
$.50 each with coupons

The pricing on the A1 at my Target was $2.99 and not $2.09 as was at Mercedes' store but $.99 for A1 was still a good deal!

Some folks have reportedly had issues with their Target cashiers not knowing the store's coupon policy. I personally haven't had a problem with this. In fact, it's funny that I overheard my cashier last week (as I walked away from checking out in her lane) telling another cashier that she told me to come in to her line because she knew I had coupons. Well good for her!

Anyway... the Target coupon policy, should you need to remind your cashier, is that if the value of the coupon is over the price of the item, they should adjust the coupon down to the price of the item. Also, you can use a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon together on the same item.

Find any other good deals at Target this week?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Giant Bonus Card: 5% off Next In-Store Purchase

I'm not sure of the distribution for this but be on the look out for a new Giant bonus card in the mail. I received mine this week and just for logging in to I got 5% off my purchase at Giant today. Nothing like a little added savings!

Also, if you are going to Giant this week, here's a heads up on Danimals kids yogurt. They are on sale- 2 for $4. When you use the $1 manufacturer coupons from August's Sunday paper coupon inserts and the Giant Dollar Doubler coupons the Danimals yogurts are FREE!

And to make this deal even sweeter-

When I purchased 4 packs of Danimals for my son today (don't worry they won't last through the week), a catalina coupon printed out that read, "Thank you for your purchasing Dannon, $2 off your next purchase!" So not only were they FREE, I got an extra $2 to spend next time too!

Wawa: .50 Cent Propel Coupons

Going to Wawa? If so, be on the look out for Propel Fitness Water manufacturer coupons!

I found the coupons on the cold beverage coolers at our local Bel Air Wawa earlier today. They are .50 cents off one and are valid through the end of December.

When you take these coupons and redeem them at the grocery stores they should double to $1. At Giant the Propel are 10 for $10 and at Shop Rite they are 5 for $4. I imagine they'd be similarly priced else where too. So... FREE Propel!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bath & Body Works: FREE Lip Item

Take along this coupon for one FREE lip item. It's good with any purchase. Good through August 30th.

Frugal tip- "any purchase" includes the $1 gift box you might buy just to get the free lip item!!!

It's FREE Chocolate Friday!

... yet again! Click here for more details and to claim your chocolate!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 $25 Gift Certificate for $2

Ittttt's baaaack! is once again offering $25 dining certificates for just $2. Enter code TASTE at check out to receive the 80% discount!

Don't forget- go through ebates to earn 15% cash back! Cha ching!

The Animal Rescue Site: Click to Earn FREE Food

Here's a FREE and easy way to "do your part." Go to The Animal Rescue Site and simply click to give FREE food and care.

The Site is having trouble getting enough people to click daily. Their goal is to meet their quota of getting FREE FOOD donated every day to abused and neglected animals.

It takes less than a minute (about 15 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box. The Animal Rescue Site's advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to the animals in exchange for advertising.

Thanks for your click!

The Children's Place: 15% off In-Store Coupon

Have you visited a Children's Place store and made a purchase recently? If so, check the bottom of your receipt!

There is a 15% off survey coupon at the bottom. While 15% off isn't the largest amount of savings, it's still worth it to complete the survey because this coupon DOESN'T EXPIRE!

Yup, there's no expiration date on it so you can "play" it whenever you want. Save it for a big shopping trip like for back-to-school shopping, Halloween costumes, or any other holiday or special occasion clothing shopping.

The survey coupon looks like this:

Chuck E. Cheese's on the Cheap

Whenever I go to Chuck E. Cheese's (CECs) with the kids I'm always ahead of the game spending wise. Afterall, if you have children, I'm sure you already know a visit to Chuck E. Cheese's can make for an expensive outing!

The following 3 tips will aid you in cutting back on spending at CECs quite easily!

1. Take your child's latest report card. CECs gives up to 15 FREE tokens for a good report card. I don't know their definition of a "good" report card but we've always received 15 tokens.

2. Print and take a Rewards Calendar with you. A completed Rewards Calendar will earn each child 10 tokens.

3. Print and take coupons with you. You can either clip the CECs coupons from the Sunday paper coupon inserts or print them right off the CEC website here. If the Large Pizza & 4 Soft Drinks coupon won't work for you because it's just you and one child, you can always go in on it with a friend and their child, and just split the price (right Kim???)!

Campbell's Soup Coupons

Before you know it the fall season will be upon us and the stores will be having sales on soup. Get ready for big savings when you use the Campbell's soup coupons from here along with sale prices.

Don't forget to save your Campbell's soup labels and give them to a local school or church group.

Happy savings!

Going to Kmart?

While this isn't the week of Super Doubles, if you are going Kmart, you might like these two offers:

Best Buy: Sesame Street DVD + Toy, $8

When my son was younger, he used to LOOOOOOVE the Sesame Street VHS tapes (Gasp! What's VHS???) we had. He'd watch them over and over. I still remember the theme song to one tape in particular- "alphabet jungle...alphabet jungle...." This steal reminds me of my baby boy, who is now going into the 3rd grade!

Enough of the sappy stuff and onto the steal-

Right now Best Buy is offering select Sesame Street DVDs for $7.99 (list $12.99) and they come with a FREE Sesame Street plush toy. Shipping is $2.95 but you can request FREE in-store pick up.

Make this deal even sweeter by:
  • Entering your Best Buy Reward Zone number at check out for points
  • Go through:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy Smokes!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or forgotten about you... I've just been busy!

I'll have some fresh new steals for you tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nestle Calendar: $20 in Coupons!

Here's another great find from Wal Mart's website- a calendar with planning tips for back to school. It includes $20 of Nestle coupons inside! Click here to claim yours.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arby's: FREE Roast Chicken Club

It's freebie Wednesday at Arby's today. The deal this week is for a FREE Roast Chicken Club with any soft drink purchase. Happy saving!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Giant: Using Dollar Doublers to Your Advantage

I did this deal on 8/3 and while the sale is now over, the same rules apply when using Giant's Dollar Doubler coupons to your advantage.

The Dollar Doubler coupons are in the store circulars that come to your home. Mine don't come in my Sunday paper but come in the mailbox with other store circulars. There are typically 4 Dollar Doublers per paper and you can use them to double $1 manufacturer coupons.

In the picture above, I did 2 separate transactions. The first one was for baby food.

18- jars Beechnut baby food (the baby couldn't wait so 1 is missing)
2- single Beechnut baby juices
1- Armour potted meat

A doubled .50 manufacturer coupon for the potted meat made it free. We don't eat this but since it was free I picked it up and I'll put it in my donate pile.

I signed up at the Beechnut website and occasionally receive emails from them with coupons attached. I had two doubled .75 cent juice coupons, making them free. I had (4) $1 coupons for the rest of the jarred food. I used my Dollar Doublers making each worth $2. I had a $4 catalina coupon from an ice cream promotion the week prior.

Total out of pocket after coupons: $.60 cents!

The second transaction consisted of:

2- Pepsi 12 pks
2- Diet Dr. Pepper 6 packs
1- Johnson & Johnson's Bedtime washcloths
2- Velveta Shells & Cheese cups
4- Plums
1- Green pepper
1- pk Smithfield pork chops

The Pepsi products were 4/$10. I used two Dollar Doublers with $1 Dr. Pepper coupons that were inside other 12 pks we had consumed at home.

The J&J washcloths were on 50% off clearance. So, only $1.99 and used a Doubler with a $1 manufacturer coupon.

I had a Kraft First Taste coupon for 2 free Velveta Shells & Cheese cups. The plums and green pepper were on sale.

I used my fourth Dollar Doubler with a $1 Smithfield coupon from the Sunday paper. After coupons, the pork chops were only $2 and change.

Total out of pocket after coupons: $10.42!

The sodas alone were 4/$10 so I got many more items for about the same price using the Dollar Doublers. Be on the lookout for the Dollar Doubler promotion again and use the same principles to save even more!

Kellogg's Fuel for School Mail in Rebate

Be on the lookout for sales at your local grocery stores that you can combine with the Kellogg's Fuel for School $10 mail in rebate.

I did this last week at my local Acme store.

6- Eggo waffles
12- Pop Tarts
6- Nutri Grain bars
3- Beechnut baby food
3- 1/2 gallons Over the Moon chocolate milk (DELICIOUS!!!)
10- cans of cat food
1- can of Mighty Dog
2- Reese's King size

I did two separate transactions, used coupons from the Sunday paper, and catalina coupons from qualifying purchases made the week prior. I paid $1.08 out of pocket and qualified for the Kellogg's FFS rebate. I will make $8.92 from the deal after the rebate!

How have you worked or how do you plan to work the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate?

IKEA: Kids Eat Free

Right now you can take advantage of the Kids Eat FREE promotion at your local IKEA store. No adult purchase required. Click here and look at the bottom left of the page for more details.

The title of the pop up indicates the promotion runs through Sunday, August 16th but the bottom of the promotion pop up, in the fine print, indicates it runs through the 30th. Does anyone know which date for sure? Either way, kids eat free for 5 more days!

Thanks for sharing, Alice!

CVS: It Doesn't Hurt to Ask!

Here it is! The new CVS ReadyFill coupon book!

When you ask your CVS pharmacist about their new ReadyFill program, you receive a coupon book full of GREAT CVS coupons. The reason this coupon book is so great is because you can use a CVS coupon and manufacturer's coupon at the same time!

The coupon book includes:
(2) $4 off any purchase of $20 or more
(1) $4 off any diet/nutrition products purchase of $20 or more
(1) $4 off any facial skin products purchase of $20 or more
(1) $2 off any vitamin products purchase of $10 or more
(1) $2 off any allergy products purchase of $10 or more
(1) $2 off any oral care products purchase of $10 or more
(1) $3 off any eye care products purchase of $12 or more

All coupons are valid from 8/2 - 9/12/09. Ask your pharmacist today and save!

Home Made Simple: Great Coupons to Your Door!

I mentioned Home Made Simple coupons in the previous post where Alice used some of their mailer coupons on her Proctor & Gamble deal at Weis.

Here's the scoop on Home Made Simple and how you can get their coupons too!

Go here or here and fill out the online form. You will get a coupon booklet mailed to your home. All the booklets I've received have had a coupon for a FREE Cascade Rinse Agent too!

Weis Deals: 8/6 - 8/12, Scenario 2

If you have children like reader Alice and I do you'll appreciate the need for the above items! We are always using napkins and do your kids seem to "eat" the toothpaste too??? Is it necessary to mention the need for dish soap???

Here's what Alice did with the Proctor & Gamble promotion at Weis this week and how you can do it too! The PG promo is for a catalina coupon for $10 off your next order (OYNO) when you spend $35.

4 Bounty napkins - $10 total
3 Oral B Stages toothbrushes - $6 total
2 Crest kids toothpaste - $5 total
1 Oral B Stages toothpaste - $2 total
3 Dawn Direct Foam dishsoap - $6 total
3 Dawn Hand Renewal (large size - 19oz) - $6 total

Coupons Used
(2) $1/2 Bounty (these have picture of paper towel on them from this week but do include the napkins in the writing) from Sunday paper
(3) $1 Oral B toothbrush from Sunday paper
(3) $1 Oral B toothpaste from Sunday paper
(3) $1 Dawn Hand Renewal from Home Made Simple mailer
(3) $1.50 Dawn Direct Foam from Home Made Simple mailer

Total Cost minus coupons and including the $10 catalina coupon - $9.50 !

Each item wound up being less than $1! Thanks for sharing, Alice!

Weis Deals: 8/6 - 8/12, Scenario 1

Look at this great stash of Pop Tarts one of our readers, Alice, got this week at Weis. She shared how she did it and how you can do it too!

The sale still has a couple days left, so if you have the required coupons, go for it!

10 Pop Tarts @ $1.79 each
1 Keebler Cookie @ $2.50
Total $20.40

Use (5) $1/2 Pop Tarts Sunday paper coupons
Total out of pocket: $15.04
Earn $7 ONYO catalina coupon
Submit for $10 Kellogg's Fuel for School mail in rebate (MIR)

After the $7 catalina coupon and MIR, Alice will profit $1.60 from this! Thanks for sharing!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Old Navy: $2 Tanks & FREE Shipping

On Saturday, August 15th, Women's Rib Knit Tanks will be $2 in Old Navy stores! Limit 5 per customer.

If you are making an online kids clothing purchase of $50+ enter promo code FREE50 to receive free shipping. Now through August 20th.

Happy saving!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

T.G.I. Friday's: BYOB & Double Points!

In the past I mentioned the Give Me More Stripes program and coupon deals at T.G.I. Friday's. I really like the program and the coupons and deals Friday's releases each month just keep getting better!

I'm bringing it up again because Give Me More Stripes has launched two promotions for August! Stripes members were emailed a coupon for $5 off all their buddies meals (up to 10 buddies). This is a great deal! Say a table of 5 adults each orders an entree. With this coupon the table will save $20 on the check!

To make things even better, the usual points system is doubled for August. Traditionally you earn 1 point per dollar spent and at 100 points you are emailed a coupon for $8 off. Now you earn 2 points per dollar spent so it'll take you 1/2 the time to accrue the usual 100.

If you are looking to go out to eat this weekend, with these two deals, Friday's might be the place for you!

Wiping Butts on the Cheap!

Yes, you read the title correctly! I have 2 steals to share that involve wiping butts.

The first steal involves this Walgreen's Back-2-School Coupon Book. I found tons of them at our local Walgreen's store. They were sitting on the photo/printer cartridge refill counter and they were also hanging in manilla envelopes on the regular shelves.

Inside the Coupon Book is a Walgreen's coupon for $2 off Huggies Wipes, 64 to 216 ct. Using the Walgreen's coupon alone results in a bargain because the 64 ct tub of wipes runs $2.79. Soooo.... .79 cent baby wipes! If you have a Huggies manufacturer coupon use that too and make your deal even sweeter!
The second steal involves WalMart, Pull Ups wipes, and a coupon from the Sunday paper. A couple weeks ago there was a $3/2 Pull Ups wipes coupon. Rumor has it that Huggies Clean Team wipes are transitioning to Pull Ups wipes so I guess that's the reason for the coupon release. Anyway, take your $3 off 2 coupon to WalMart where the wipes are $1.64 per pack and pay just .14 cents out of pocket for both!

Friday, August 7, 2009 $25 Gift Certificate for $2

Now through Thursday, August 13th you can purchase $25 dining certificates for only $2. Enter code PORTION at check out.

For more details and to find a restaurant near you click here.

(Don't forget to go through ebates for 15% cash back too!)

The Big Clip: Box Tops Contest

If you have young children in elementary school, you are probably familiar with Box Tops. They are the little pink squares that can be found on a variety of items from Avery binders to boxes of Bisquick. The schools collect Box Tops and each one is worth .10 cents.

Now through October 31st Box Tops is running The Big Clip contest. They are giving away 1,000,000 (yup, 1 million) Box Tops.

To enter for your child's school, or any school of your chosing for that matter, click here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Friday!: FREE Mars Chocolate

Don't forget about your free Mars chocolate! They are giving away 250,000 free chocolate coupons every Friday now through September.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Arby's: FREE Regular Roast Beef Today

Don't forget that it's freebie day at Arby's today! For more details, click here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 Free Sample Update

I've mentioned the wonderful free samples that are available on before. Well, look at this generous sample! A whole roll of TP, two coupons, and a travel pack of wipes!

While I don't see any available right now, be sure to check for more free samples on in the near future!

It's All in How You Play the Game

You have to be patient and wait for the right time to "play" your coupons. The above example from a few days ago shows how timing is everything.

3- Eggland's Best Eggs

Marked down to $1.29 because their "Best By" date was nearing. In my house, we use A LOT of eggs. This was a no brainer. I knew we'd use them up way before their date. Used (2) .55 cent coupons that doubled to $1.10 each.

1- Nestle Good Start 2 Supreme Infant Soy Formula

On the mark down table, $5. Use by April 2010. Had a $5 coupon from a home mailer. I won't use this but since it was free, I picked it up and will put it in my DONATE pile.

1- Irvin's Famous Spiced Wafers Cookies

2 for $4, which isn't a bad deal. I only picked them up because they are the hubby's FAVORITE!

Total out of pocket- $3.67 (about the regular price of 1 dozen eggs!)

What good deals have you gotten lately?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

House for Sale: $200 Referral Bonus (STILL)

Like I mentioned before, I am giving a $200 referral bonus to the person who finds us a buyer!

I still have this lovely little house on my hands and would looooooove to find it a new owner (need I mention I'd also love the freedom from the mortgage!!!).

What's in it for you? $200 cash!

McDonald's: FREE Mocha Monday Tomorrow!

Don't forget to get your free McCafe Iced or Hot Mocha tomorrow. For more details, click here.