Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get a Raincheck!

Trust me, I know-- Nothing can be more frustrating than getting all your deals together and getting to the store only to find empty shelves!

But don't let out-of-stock items get you down! Get even and get a raincheck!

Rainchecks, believe it or not, can be wonderful things. They allow you to play the game to your advantage. While an item may be out of stock at a certain time, the situation gives you an opportunity to get more coupons, or to play the raincheck at a better time.

Here's what I recently did. My example displays how you can "work" a raincheck too.

In 2008 I got the following raincheck from CVS (yes, I said 2008, and I AM that organized, and CVS rainchecks don't expire): L'Oreal Hair Care Products, BOGO, limit 4 offers

Last week I finally decided to play it. Here's what I got:

(3) L'Oreal EverStrong Shampoo, retail $6.99 each
(3) L'Oreal EverStrong Conditioner, retail $6.99 each

I used:
BOGO Raincheck
(5) $2 manufacturer coupons (could've used one more but didn't have it)
CVS Extra Care Bucks promo, Spend $20 get $5 ECB

Buy One- $6.99
Get One FREE- $0
Buy One- $6.99
Get One FREE- $0
Buy One- $6.99
Get One FREE- $0
MFR Q-($2)
MFR Q-($2)
MFR Q-($2)
MFR Q-($2)
MFR Q-($2)
ECB- ($5)

Total OOP for 6 bottles- $5.97 (which is less than the price of 1!!!)

So, the next time your store is out of a sale item, don't get mad, get even and get a raincheck!

Giant: Small Victories Booklet Follow-Up

Last week I filled you in on the Small Victories Booklet from Giant. I went to Giant last night to see what deals I could snag with the coupons from the booklet.

I walked out with 4 grocery bags full of "essentials" (milk, bread, meat, fresh fruit, & veggies) for only $35.88. Total before savings was $71.71!

I got some other sale items but the notable deals from using the Small Victories booklet coupons are Oscar Mayer Lunchables and Perdue Short Cuts.

Pricing on each:
Lunchables- 2/$4
Perdue Short Cuts- $3.99

Booklet coupons (store coupons):
$1 off 2 Lunchables
$1.50 off Perdue Short Cuts

Manufacturer coupons:
(2) printable $.75/1 Lunchables coupons
(1) Sunday paper $.75 Short Cuts coupon

All (3) $.75 manufacturer coupons doubled, combined with the store coupons, and made the price for each:
(2) Lunchables- FREE
(1) Perdue Short Cuts- $.99

I also redeemed booklet coupons:
$1 off 1 lb+ ground beef
FREE bag frozen veggies
FREE can beans

And....... As I was leaving the store I noticed a stack of Small Victories booklets on the shelf by the exit door so I grabbed a few more for family and friends!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FREE Pampers Points!

Thanks to some wonderful women over at Chesapeake Mommies, here's a run down of some of the lastest Pampers points codes.

30 Points:


10 Points:


While on the Pampers site, don't forget to sign up for your FREE sample of their new diapers!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rite Aid: Rx Savings Card

If you are a Rite Aid shopper, get one of these! I can't believe I only found out about this FREE discount card last month. I thought it only applied to prescriptions but I was wrong!

According to the info sheet you get when you sign up, benefits include:
  • Your choice of $8.99 for 30-day or $15.99 for 90-day supplies of over 500 generic medications.
  • Save 20% on other name brand and generic prescription medications.
  • Save 10% on Rite Aid Brand Products every day.

The perk that I reallly like is the 3rd bullet. The 10% discount doesn't apply to sale items, but for me, it's applied to other non-Rite Aid Brand items!

The other day hubby had to have XYZ Name Brand OTC Ointment. Of course it wasn't on sale and was regularly priced at $7.99 (gasp!). During this same transaction I grabbed a $1 bag of off-brand potato chips (they were just too tempting and I couldn't resist).

I swiped my Rx Savings Card at checkout and the 10% off applied to both items! Neither of these were a Rite Aid Brand item. While the 10% discount isn't a ginormous savings, it's better than nothing!

Giant: Small Victories Booklet

Be on the lookout for this booklet in the mail from Giant. It includes over $16 worth of store coupons (these can be stacked with manufacturer coupons) and delicious recipes.

What makes this booklet realllly nice is that it includes 2 coupons for FREE items:

FREE 16 oz bag of Giant Frozen Vegetables
FREE 15.5 oz can Nature's Promise Canned Beans

To get your copy of Small Victories:

"... email name, number of children & their ages, and Giand Card number to"

Pop Chips: $1 Coupon

We have these at work (my employer provides FREE snacks, soda, & bottled water (brag... brag)) and for being "healthy" they are GOOOOOOD!

Go here to print out a $1 coupon and give them a try!

Weight Watchers Smart Ones: $4 off 10

Weight Watchers Smart Ones go on sale frequently in my area. Take this $4 off 10 coupon to the store to save even more!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

T.J. Maxx: RUN Don't WALK!

Our local T.J. Maxx store is having a ridiculously good clearance sale right now. Lots of items are on yellow sticker clearance (yellow sticker is cheaper than red sticker.)

Here's what I got and a preview of what you may be able to score too!

Pictured above are:

(5) boys long-sleeved Puma T-shirts, retail $28, clearance $2

(1) toddler boys Nike hoodie, retail $40, clearance $3

(2) toddler boys 2 pc Adidas track suits, retail $36, clearance $5

(1) boys long-sleeved Nike T, retail $25, clearance $2

(2) juniors Zana Di jeans, retail $24, clearance $3

(1) misses Baccini jean jacket, retail $40, clearance $3

(1) Infantino baby carrier, retail $21, clearance $5

(1) boys Nike winter coat, retail $85, clearance $7

(1) Pokemon Quickshot Game, retail $32, clearance $5 (shhh... surprise V-Day gift for my son!)

All this for just $51! The boys Nike winter coat alone was $85 retail!

Some of these things I'll keep for my family or for gifts. The others I'll "flip" on eBay. Many times if I can find nice, name brand items for 90%+ off, I'll sell them on eBay and turn a decent profit.

It's ridiculous to think the retail of what I bought yesterday is $503! Uh, pay that price? NEVER!

Always be on the Lookout for Qs!

Last week my Acme sales paper had Manufacturer coupons for $2 off any L'Oreal cosmetic.

My Acme and CVS stores are right next to each other so guess what I did. I stocked up on the Acme sales papers, clipped the $2 coupons ("Qs" for short), and redeemed them at CVS.

Right now my CVS store has lots and lots of cosmetics on 75% off clearance. With my Acme Qs I scored 18 L'Oreal lip glosses (retail $8.49 each; $152.82 for all) for just $2.16!!!

You may be thinking to yourself-- "yeah, that's a good deal but what the h#l% do you need 18 lip glosses for???" The answer- my quarter auctions!

While I was at CVS I also picked up the last 2 L'Oreal True Match face powders. They're marked down to $2.75 and I had $3 coupons from the Sunday paper. FREE!

Lots of Snow = NO Steals

This is what we saw all last week.

The hubby took this picture from our front porch; I like it! This is our truck at the bottom of the driveway. Can't you tell??? The Titan was NO match for the storm we experienced.

Needless to say we were home bound for a few days. Sadly, I was unable to get out and get my steals as I would have liked, but good did come from this storm- I cleaned house!

I got out some later this week and am back to report some steals!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Humane Society Fundraiser

A letter from Noel:

"Hi Everyone,

I am working on completing my 3rd grade Patriot Program. One of the requirements is to complete (2) community service projects. I've already gone through all my books and donated a laundry basket full of them to a needy family.

For my second assignment, I've decided to help the Humane Society of Harford County. They have a Wish List on their website of many things they can use. My mom called and spoke with a volunteer who indicated they realllly needed:

Clorox wipes
Dawn dish detergent
Paper towels
Hand sanitizer
Dust pans with long handles
Laundry detergent

My mom and I will go out and purchase all these items for the Humane Society (Mom says to tell you, "...on sale and with coupons of course!") : )

In order to cover the expenses, my mom is donating her commission on Southern Living at HOME's new food and drink products.

For the next 2 weeks, today through Tuesday, February 16th, I'll be collecting orders. Each item is just $10 and there is NO additional shipping or tax. Cash, check, or charge is accepted.

The products can be viewed on pages 46 - 47 of my mom's online Southern Living at HOME catalog

$2.50 from each item will go towards purchasing the above listed items for the Humane Society.

My goal is to raise $100 (sell at least 40 items). If you can possibly make a purchase (or two or three!) and help me out that would be wonderful and most appreciated. In exchange, you'll get to try a new Southern Living at HOME product!

I'll be sure to publish (with picture) another post to let you know how I did with my fundraiser later this month.

Thanks again for your support!
Noel (and Mom)"

Dollar Tree: Pillsbury Savorings

I mentioned the Dollar Tree before. I generally don't shop there but I needed to pick up some clear packaging tape so in I went.

While there I browsed the aisles and was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to find our beloved Cheese & Spinach Pillsbury Savorings for... you guessed it... just $1! I'd been buying these on sale for $3.99 (minus coupon of course) at the grocery store. Not anymore!