Friday, June 4, 2010

CVS: Diaper Steal = RUN Don't Walk!

I stopped in my local CVS store last night to grab a pack of their brand diapers. They're on sale this week for $5.99 and generate a $2 Extra Care Buck (ECB). After rolling ECBs from a prior week I'd be paying nothing out of pocket (OOP) (and even if I was paying... $3.99 OOP for dipes ain't all that bad!).

While there I was also gonna snag a FREE Ban deodorant. The Ban deos are on sale for $2.99 and also generate a $2 ECB. With my $1 Manufacturer Coupon, it'd be a 1 cent money maker.

So... as I strolled innocently down the diaper aisle in search of my sale dipes, I saw several 75% off clearance tags, and my jaw hit the floor! Could what I was seeing be true??? YUP!

Certain diapers and "big kid pants" were on 75% off mark down! A pack of CVS brand diapers with 30 and 34 in each pack was only $2.37 AND it generated the $2 ECB for this week! The shelf price was $11.99 so they were more like 80% off! Like the maniac frugal shopper that I am, I grabbed each and every pack (yes, you do see 11 packs of diapers in the picture above)! With 2 little girls in diapers, these WILL NOT go to waste!

Moving on down the aisle I noticed Pampers Swaddlers on clearance for $2.99! Grabbed all 3 they had.

I saw Goodnights Boxers for $3.12. I grabbed all 4! I have a friend who's asked me to keep an eye out on a good price for these and this is it!

Not only were diapers on sale, many baby toiletries, and infant powder formula were on clearance too. The toiletry brands include Aveeno, Johnson & Johnson, and Huggies. I had a $1.50 home mailer coupon for the Huggies baby wash. It was only $.97 so I made $.53 by picking it up and using my coupon!

Similac Organic 23.3 oz tubs were marked down to $6.99, regularly $27.99 and Nestle Good Start Gentle Formula was 75% off too!

I also snagged (2) Tom's of Maine toothpastes for $.53 each. I didn't have any coupons but at $.53, these will still earn me a few bucks on eBay!

The Bayer Quick Release Aspirin were $.89. I had (3) $1 Manufacturer Coupons and made $.11 off of each one.

Running into CVS last night for just 2 things turned out to be a huge ordeal, but in a GOOD WAY! If you need diapers, or any of the other items I snagged, hopefully your CVS has the same mark downs too! Good luck!

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