Saturday, August 7, 2010

Earth's Best: FREE Sports Authority Gift Card

Here's a deal if you're into organics.

Buy: A combination of any participating products
totaling $10 or more from:

•Garden of Eatin’® Snacks
•Rice Dream®, Soy Dream® and
Almond Dream® Beverages
•Health Valley Organic® Cereals and Snack Bars
•MaraNatha® Nut Butters
•Earth’s Best® Sesame Street®, Earth’s Best Tots® and Earth’s Best Kidz® Products and Frozen Foods
(Not valid on Earth’s Best® jarred or other infant foods.)

Send: This completed redemption form and original register receipt(s) with with UPC/ product name and purchase price circled.

Receive: $5 gift card for $10 in purchases
$10 gift card for $20 in purchases

For the redemption form and details, click here!

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