Saturday, April 30, 2011


No, I'm not really Missing in Action but it feels like I've been. Since my last post in November, I've been super busy. Humn... let's see how many excuses I can make up?!?!

1. Increased hours and responsibilities at work

2. Celebrated Thanksgiving & Christmas (that is no small feat with my ginormous family)

3. Celebrated 2 kids b-days

4. Moved

5. Longer commute to work

6. Was sick and on 7 prescriptions over a course of 2 months

7. Hosted Easter (umn, for 48 people!)

8. Planning another b-day and Christening.

Ok, well 8 excuses isn't that many, and I'm sure there are multiple other things I've done, but I'm not coming up with any at the moment. If you want to help me out with any, feel free to comment!

So, I'm here whether actually posting or not. : )

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