Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shop Rite: Passover Calendar & Coupons



Be on the lookout for this Jewish calendar at your local Shop Rite. Included inside are Shop Rite store coupons for lots of kosher foods and many more "everyday items" like soda and juice! I found this calendar in a stack at the Customer Service desk.

These coupons are great because they are store coupons. They can be "stacked" with manufacturer coupons for even more savings!

Included inside are:

$.50 off 20-25 ct. Wissotzky Tea
$.50 off 14 oz can Manischewitz chicken or beef broth
$.50 off 6 oz pg Cocktail Franks or Cohen's Hors D'oeuvres
$.50 off 64 oz bottle Manischewitz grape juice
$.50 off 24 oz pkg Swiss Miss Pudding
$.50 off 13 oz pkg Ratner's Blintzes
$.50 off 24 oz jar Gold's Borscht
$.50 off 6 oz jar Gold's Horseradish
$.50 off 3.75 oz can Season Sardine Fillets
$.50 off 64 oz pkg Tropicana Pure Premium OJ
$.50 off 7 oz Guiltless Gourmet Chips
$.50 off 2 lb, 10 oz pkg Quaker Old Fashioned Oats
$.50 off 48 oz Coca Cola or Diet Coke
$.50 off 36 oz pkg Hunt's Ketchup
$.50 off 22 oz pkg A&B Gefilte Fish
$.50 off 10 oz pkg Sabra Hummus
$.50 off 10 oz pkg Sabra Eggplant Dip
$.50 off 64 oz bottle Kedem Grape Juice
$.50 off 16 oz stick or tub Mother's Margarine
$.50 off 14.1 oz pkg Osem Cakes
$.50 off 19 oz Osem Cucumbers or Olives
$.50 off 6 oz pkg Shibolim Knockers
$.50 off 32 oz container Stonyfield Farm Yogurt
$.50 off 6 oz pkg Gefen Latke or Matzo Ball Mix

These coupons are all valid through October 31, 2009 so there's plenty of time to use them!

Remember-- to make the most of your money, use these when the items go on sale and in combination with manufacturer coupons (if you can)!

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