Thursday, September 3, 2009

Star Crayons on the Cheap!

Noel and I had decided to make crayons with all the broken crayon pieces we had accumulated over the years. We got the general idea of what we needed to do by Googling "make crayons."

We were going to buy foil cupcake liners at the grocery store and use the cupcake tins that we already had but a trip to our local thrift store, Tabitha's House, gave me a light bulb moment!

For sale at the thrift store were 7 aluminum star-shaped molds. Perfect! Not only were these a fun shape, the stars had edges like a point for easier coloring (versus a round shape from the cupcake tins), AND they were only $1!

With supplies in hand we began our project:

We sprayed the tins with Pam
Placed the crayon bits inside
Placed the crayon-filled tins on an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet
Baked at 300 degrees until the crayons appeared thoroughly melted
Cooled on the front porch until they felt firm
Turned over the tins and the new star crayons fell right out!

While you probably won't be able to complete this project exactly how Noel and I did, the idea is pretty simple, and serves as a fun and cheap activity!

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