Friday, October 22, 2010


Yes, I think I'm ready to admit it... I've been defeated!

I didn't think:

  • adding a 3rd child to the mix
  • going back to work
  • increasing my hours at work and taking on more roles
  • putting our house for sale on the market
  • looking to buy a new house
  • (and so much more)

would really affect my time for deals and sharing them on the blog but IT SURE HAS!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've been on here. I'm sorry I left you for so long wondering where the heck I was.

Anyway, I'm officially putting it out there that I AM STILL ALIVE and that from here forward, my blog entries will be reduced in number. I plan on sharing my steals but the frequency of my posts will be on the lighter side.

I've still been getting my steals; not as much as I used to but still rockin' them none the less.

Some of my recent conquests include:

  • $20 money maker on Crest toothpast and $7.20 money maker on Nivea lip balm @ Rite Aid
  • Numerous Catalina deals at Acme
  • 1008 (yes, that's one thousand eight) Pampers wipes from Amazon delivered to my door for less than $20
  • Fisher Price train delivered to my door for $10

I'm sure there's a lot I'm forgetting, after all it has been a month. I've been following my usual hot spots for great tips on steals: Moms Need to Know, Hot Coupon World, Slick Deals (thanks Alice!), Common Sense With Money, and a few others.

So the point of this post? I'm here and stay tuned for some new posts!

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