Thursday, June 25, 2009

And the Winner Is....

The winner of the 50th Post Giveaway is:

He's reaching in for a ticket. Which one will he pick?

Drum roll.....

# 94!

Entry # 94 is Naddez!

To spice things up we decided to pull another number for a second surprise giveaway item. Noel pulled out # 3. That's DiPaola Momma.

Please let me know where to send the goodies! Congratulations to you both!


  1. Aww congrats to the winners!! Wish I knew about it... Hopefully I'll cathc the next one :)

    Where do you list your giveaways? Anyplace?

  2. OMG! I can't wait to received my prize! Thanks so much!

  3. Hi there! I meant to stop by earlier and thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. :) Have a wonderful weekend!