Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walgreens: Super Cheap TP & Kleenex!

I was at our local Walgreens earlier today getting an ink cartridge refilled when I decided to walk the aisles in search of deals. I'm super-excited that I did because look at this haul!

For some reason, our Walgreens store had toilet paper and Kleenex tissues on clearance. The Charmin Ultra Big Roll 12 pks (equivalent to 24 regular rolls) were $2.49. I had (6) $1 off any Charmin manufacturer coupons making them just $1.49 each. The Angel Soft 4 pks were .47 cents and the Kleenex Ultra and 184 Count were .57 cents!

I hit the stationary aisle and found a couple more steals. The lined 4x4 Post It notes were $1.29. My son needed these for school earlier this year and they were approx. $4/$5 at WalMart. I figured I'd pick them up at this price just in case we need them again at the end of August. There were also generic "post its" for .25 cents so I snagged the last 2.

You may have noticed the Bayer Blood Glucose Meter. I only picked it up because they paid me $10 to take it. I donate any meters I pick up to Grandmom Hart's nursing home so it's a win/win!

The Bayer Meters are on sale this week for $10. I had a $30 coupon from the Sunday paper. The cashier adjusted my coupon down to $10 making the meter free. At checkout the register generated a $10 Register Reward which is basically a $10 coupon good towards my next in-store purchase.

I split my purchases up into 4 transactions. You can see from my receipts below I got:
  • (7) Charmin 12 pks, $2.49 ea minus $6 in coupons
  • (12) Angel Soft 4 pks, .47 cents ea
  • (2) Kleenex Ultra, .57 cents ea
  • (1) Kleenex 184 ct, .57 ea
  • (1) Post It Notes , $1.29 ea
  • (2) Generic post its, $.25 cents ea
  • (1) Bayer Blood Glucose Meter, $10 minus $10 coupon
I had gotten (3) Women's One-A-Day drink mixes but returned them because the machine beeped at my coupon and the cashier wouldn't take it. It was a legit coupon but I didn't feel like arguing...

I only paid $12.18 for everything in the picture! The regular price of the Charmin alone was a little over $9 so you can imagine the savings. Adding up the "Total Savings" from the receipts I saved $174.47. Woo hoo!

If you have the chance, stop by your local Walgreens to see if they have TP and Kleenex on clearance too!


  1. GREAT STEALS! Man I'm hittin' Wags tomorrow after you pick up CutiePants!!! I thought I did great at Target today. Found the ZipLock container 12 piece val paks at 3.23 on clearance. Had 4 $1.50 off any 2 2Pks. The Q worked on the multi packs, so I paid $1.73 or .14 cents each. Same with a 3 pk (2 sandwich sized one snack size) of Ziplock bags. Only they were 2.79 each and I used one .55/1 and 1 1.00/2 making the value pack about 1.24. BUT YOU ROCK MORE!!! I'm WAY low on TP so I'll have to hit that one for SURE!

  2. Super deal on the Ziploc containers! I'll have to keep my eyes open for deals on those b/c my current plastic-ware (not including my few pieces of WONDERFUL TUPPERWARE) is getting really gross!

  3. came over from the land of the nuggets- you have stuff on here that I have not seen any where else. Joined as a follower, can't wait to read thru all your tips!!

  4. Welcome Kristin! Glad you decided to follow me. ;) Check back often as I post deals at least once a week!

  5. That Bayer Contour meter is an excellent meter. I doesn't have a whole bunch of bells and whistles, but it's the best one I've used and I've used some of the bells and whistle ones. It's the one I use currently. I've used the Contour in the past and had my Dr. give me a prescription for a new glucometer. My insurance would've given me any one that I wanted for free and that's the one I chose.

  6. Tim, thanks for the feedback on the Contour meter! I'll be on the look out for them now that I know they are your favorite! :)

  7. Holy cow!! You hit the motherload on this one!

  8. Anyone looking for a good deal on vitamins? I just read the details on my Walgreen receipt and get this......ONLY IN THE 7/12/09 SUNDAY NEWS PAPER CIRCULARS there’s a flyer for Centrum Vitamins available at Walgreens for 99¢ after rebates!

    I'm always looking to save a buck on healthcare! :)