Saturday, June 20, 2009

Attn: Allergy Sufferers!

Having just had surgery on my sinuses I was prescribed 2 nasal sprays. Fortunately for you I now have two really good deals to share!

Nasacort: $20 off per prescription
Nasonex: $15 off per prescription

I filled my Nasacort but forgot to redeem the $20 manufacturer coupon. I was really bummed out until I read the back of the coupon that said I could send it in with my receipt (label from the prescription bag) and receive a $20 rebate by mail.

While your price may vary depending on your insurance plan copay or out of pocket expense, after my rebate, I'll only pay $4 for the prescription.

I filled my Nasonex and this time I remembered to redeem the $15 manufacturer coupon. The pharmacist took it off without a problem and I paid about $10 for my prescription!

I was happy my doctor told me about these manufacturer coupons and I was able to save $35!

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  1. What a great deal. Fortunately, my son didn't need any prescriptions for his nasal surgery. Thanks for sharing this!