Thursday, April 22, 2010

Buying Coupons

Anonymous Person: "What do you mean you buy coupons? That doesn't make sense. You're telling me I've got to spend money to save money?"

"Just that- sometimes I buy coupons. I buy them off of eBay or from the coupon clippers. Yes, you spend a little, but you SAVE A LOT!"

For some reason I get a strange look whenever I tell a "non-dealer" I sometimes buy coupons.

Here are my reasons for buying coupons and how I do it:

"Why on Earth Would You Buy A Coupon???" I Have 2 Main Reasons.

#1- To save money on expenses I KNOW I will incur

Last year when we were fixing up one of our rental homes to sell, we KNEW we'd be spending money at Lowe's home improvement store. I went on eBay and purchased some Lowe's $5 off $50 coupons. I think the 8 or so coupons I bought cost me $7 but I still saved $33.

Now if you can take a $33 out of your wallet right now, and throw it in the garbage can without blinking an eye, please read no more!

#2- To save money on product(s) that I KNOW I will use

Not too long ago I discovered Chobani Greek Yogurt. I instantly fell in love with the pineapple and pomegranate varieties. The unfortunate part of this love story was that each single serve cup of yogurt cost almost $2.

Now if you know anything about me, you'd be aware that I don't spend more than mere coins on a cup of yogurt, regardless of brand or liking. I just can't!

When I realized my local grocery store was featuring Chobani in their 10/$10 sale the following week I immediately got on eBay to scout out coupons.

I purchased a lot of (20) $1 off Chobani yogurt coupons for about $3. If you're quick on your math toes, you'll see that with the sale price and $1 coupons, I literally paid $3 out of pocket for 20 cups of yogurt... and not just any yogurt... Chobani yogurt (read the preceeding italicized words in a slurring, drooling-type tone).

Enough said?

"Ok, I get it. Now how do I buy them?"

Buy on eBay

Every time I get ready to shop on eBay (regardless of what I'm buying) I go through ebates FIRST. This way I earn FREE cash back. Just go to ebates (register first if necessary) and type in eBay.

Once on eBay, search whatever coupon you're looking for. Be sure to check out your seller's feedback and shipping fees to make sure your transaction is on the safe side.

Buy from The Clippers

If you are a person who wants to save, but don't have the needs to buy in bulk like a family would, you'd probably do best buying your extra coupons from the coupons clippers. For a small fee per coupon you can purchase the extras you need.

I know many, many, many folks who purchase from the clippers because it's a way for them to get a few coupons they need without having to buy a large lot of the same ones.

I subscribe to a newspaper subscription and receive multiple inserts from various family members. With the coupons I get from these means I tend to go on eBay (versus visiting the clippers) if I need more of one specific coupon.

Trade for FREE!

If you have a couponing friend, you could also pay NO MONEY, and trade coupons among each other.

I hope I've provided some helpful tips above for saving money by buying coupons. What did I leave out?

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