Friday, April 2, 2010

Humane Society Fundraiser: Delivered!

It's a bit of a silly picture because the sun was in his eyes, but here's Noel with his first batch of items we delivered to the Humane Society yesterday. The Humane Society was soooo appreciative of what we donated.

Pictured above are:

6 pk of Bounty paper towels

assorted bath towels

toys- frisbees & balls

dog sweater

cat sweater

2 long-handled dust pans and brooms

2 Clorox bleach


dog leashes

cat shampoo

2 Lysol all-purpose cleaner sprays

2 Lysol disinfecting wipes

2 Lysol all-purpose cleaners (pourable)

Arm & Hammer window cleaner

natural, hypoallergenic detergent

3 hand sanitizer gels

2 Lysol disinfecting sprays

2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners (for the staff, not the animals!)

new laundry basket

Not pictured but also delivered:

several more bath towels

bed comforter

rubber-backed rug

THANK YOU to everyone who helped us fulfill this fundraiser for Noel's Patriot Program! It was a great success!

Special thanks go to:

Cousin Karen

Aunt Rose

Mrs. Staci

Mrs. Kristin

Mrs. Missy

Mrs. Gloria

Aunt Therese

Grandma Debbie & Pop Joe

Nana & Pop Pop


  1. Great job Noel (and Mom)! You are a good Patriot and super kid for the Harford County Animal Shelter. I'm glad to help anytime.
    Love, Aunt Therese

  2. Noel n Mom made alot of animals n people very happy with their donations, Terriffic job n lots of work done by u guys n friends
    hugs n kisses, Nana Kelly.