Saturday, July 31, 2010

Acme: Clearance FREEBIES

After the Post Office we ran into Acme. As it's only 5 minutes from the house, I'm in there a couple times a week. Earlier in the week I'd seen TONS of clearance medications and I knew I had Sunday paper coupons for them so...

I ran in today, armed with Qs, and got all of this:

(2) Pampers wipes
(2) Kraft Mac & Cheese (one shown; we already ate the other for lunch!)
(4) Children's liquid Benadryl
(4) Bendaryl 100 ct tablets
(5) Visine
(1) Supra Clens





I had $1 Catalina coupons making the wipes $.99 each. The Kraft is on sale this week 2/$1. The Supra Clens, which is the best contact lens cleaner EVER, was on clearance for $2!!! The Benadryl's and Visine's were FREE after Sunday paper coupons.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Why the h#l% does this chick need all these OTC meds?"

The answer to your question is, "She doesn't!"

Actually, I'll probably keep a bottle of the Bendaryl tablets since I use them from time to time. The other items I'll probably "pay forward" and give them to family and friends who can use them. And, if not, they'll go in the eBay / donate pile. : )

(click receipt below to enlarge)

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