Saturday, July 31, 2010

Giant: Using Triple Coupons to Your Advantage

From time to time, Giant will have Dollar Doubler or $.99 Tripler coupons in their sales paper. Combined with a manufacturer coupon, these coupons will either double or triple the face value of the coupon.

Although Giant isn't the closest grocery store, or the store that I find to have the best prices, I try to take advantage of the Doublers and Triplers when it's practical.

Here's my haul from 2 weeks ago. We needed eggs, milk, produce, bottled water, and baby wipes.

I used 5 Tripler coupons along with:

Horizon $.75 coupon from a flier at the pediatricians office
Del Monte Pineapple $.50 coupon from
Eggland's Best Eggs $.55 coupon from a magazine
Eckrich $.50 coupon from the Sunday paper
Pampers Wipes $.50 coupon from a home mailer

I earned one $.05 bag refill credit and since I used the self-scanner I also earned an extra $.25 off the eggs as one of the scanner promos.

Total out of pocket, including tax, for this haul: $16.87. Not bad for organic milk, produce, "the good eggs," meat, etc!

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