Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Big Tarp = Big STEALS!

I am slowly becoming a BIG FAN of The BIG TARP! I've gone in there a few times recently and have gotten some awesome deals!

Most recently we got:

2 video games for $12.50
a $198 boutique jacket for about $12 (that I eBayed and earned $18)
food items for 50% off the marked price and an additional 25% off that

The used video games are 1/2 price AND B1G1. My son picked out (2) $24.99 games for $12.50 total. I looked up the titles he chose on eBay just to see if we got a fair price. The one title was selling used for $12. The other title was selling used for $20! Waa hoo!

All children's clothing is an additional 50% off the lowest marked price. I got the boutique jacket mentioned above and many other boutique items for 90% - 95% off retail. I even got a toddler girls Gap jean skirt for $4!

I got some graham cracker pie crusts to use for summer time pie making. They were marked $2.22. So they were $1.11 with an additional 25% off (or $.83 each). Not bad!

While The Big Tarp isn't fresh and bright like your traditional brick & mortars, there are still good deals to be had. Just be prepared for a flea market-type experience!

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