Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rite Aid: Rx Savings Card

If you are a Rite Aid shopper, get one of these! I can't believe I only found out about this FREE discount card last month. I thought it only applied to prescriptions but I was wrong!

According to the info sheet you get when you sign up, benefits include:
  • Your choice of $8.99 for 30-day or $15.99 for 90-day supplies of over 500 generic medications.
  • Save 20% on other name brand and generic prescription medications.
  • Save 10% on Rite Aid Brand Products every day.

The perk that I reallly like is the 3rd bullet. The 10% discount doesn't apply to sale items, but for me, it's applied to other non-Rite Aid Brand items!

The other day hubby had to have XYZ Name Brand OTC Ointment. Of course it wasn't on sale and was regularly priced at $7.99 (gasp!). During this same transaction I grabbed a $1 bag of off-brand potato chips (they were just too tempting and I couldn't resist).

I swiped my Rx Savings Card at checkout and the 10% off applied to both items! Neither of these were a Rite Aid Brand item. While the 10% discount isn't a ginormous savings, it's better than nothing!

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