Monday, March 8, 2010

Slow on the Steals!

Bear with me as I'll be a little slow on the steals for the next few days. I did go to Shop Rite on Saturday and snagged about $80 in groceries (including milk, fruit & veggies, Hubby's non-sale cereal, and half-caf coffee) for $35 OOP AND got back $11 in store Catalinas!

I also discovered that Shop Rite's Holiday Dinner program counts pre-coupon spending towards the free ham, turkey, chicken, etc. so I've already accumulated $80 out of my $300. FREE ham, here I come!

Back to why I was posting- I'll be a little slow on the steals this week because I've been and will still be getting all my goodies ready for the upcoming Harford County Wee-Cycle. I'm consigning for the first time this year and have over 100 things to prepare, tag, and drop off. My drop off is tomorrow afternoon.

I haven't consigned at Wee-Cycle before (only shopped there and scored BIG) but a couple of my girlfriends have. They raked in a few hundred $$$ each time so cross your fingers for me! And... if my family and I are looking to move in the spring, this stuff must go!

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