Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese's on the Cheap

Whenever I go to Chuck E. Cheese's (CECs) with the kids I'm always ahead of the game spending wise. Afterall, if you have children, I'm sure you already know a visit to Chuck E. Cheese's can make for an expensive outing!

The following 3 tips will aid you in cutting back on spending at CECs quite easily!

1. Take your child's latest report card. CECs gives up to 15 FREE tokens for a good report card. I don't know their definition of a "good" report card but we've always received 15 tokens.

2. Print and take a Rewards Calendar with you. A completed Rewards Calendar will earn each child 10 tokens.

3. Print and take coupons with you. You can either clip the CECs coupons from the Sunday paper coupon inserts or print them right off the CEC website here. If the Large Pizza & 4 Soft Drinks coupon won't work for you because it's just you and one child, you can always go in on it with a friend and their child, and just split the price (right Kim???)!


  1. So here is what I do...we don't like the pizza, the kids just want to play...so we eat at home (or McDonalds)...then just go, get drinks and tokens. :o)

  2. Tina, that's a good idea too! McD's is probably cheaper than the CECs pizza anyway! ;)