Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's All in How You Play the Game

You have to be patient and wait for the right time to "play" your coupons. The above example from a few days ago shows how timing is everything.

3- Eggland's Best Eggs

Marked down to $1.29 because their "Best By" date was nearing. In my house, we use A LOT of eggs. This was a no brainer. I knew we'd use them up way before their date. Used (2) .55 cent coupons that doubled to $1.10 each.

1- Nestle Good Start 2 Supreme Infant Soy Formula

On the mark down table, $5. Use by April 2010. Had a $5 coupon from a home mailer. I won't use this but since it was free, I picked it up and will put it in my DONATE pile.

1- Irvin's Famous Spiced Wafers Cookies

2 for $4, which isn't a bad deal. I only picked them up because they are the hubby's FAVORITE!

Total out of pocket- $3.67 (about the regular price of 1 dozen eggs!)

What good deals have you gotten lately?

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