Sunday, October 11, 2009

Product Review: Piggy Paint!

I must admit that I am thrilled to have the opportunity to sample Piggy Paint! I mean, how cool is it, as a mom to a little girl to be able to try out a fun, new NON-TOXIC product on my baby!

I first heard about Piggy Paint through DiPaola Momma. Due to Momma's rave reviews, I decided to contact Piggy Paint and let them know how unique I thought their products were. And so the story goes... I was offered a sample to try myself!

While the picture isn't the best (my little angel just wouldn't SIT STILL or unwrap her toes!) you can see Mia modeling our sample of "Girls Rule!" Piggy Paint on her piggies!
The color was pretty and it went on just like regular nail polish. It didn't have any harsh smell either.

We also received a sample of Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover. This too DID NOT HAVE that infamous "nail-polish-remover-smell (errr... burn-off-your-nose-hair stench)." The remover, with some rubbing, did take the polish off.

Overall, we really like Piggy Paint and the remover! It really made me feel comfortable knowing that the fun product I was using on my 8-month-old daughter was also SAFE.

If you'd like to try Piggy Paint for your daughter (or grand daughter, niece, etc.) visit the Piggy Paint website here.

Now through October 31st you can take 15% off anything on the website with discount code STEALS15L. The code works on sale items too and shipping on orders over $25 is FREE!

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