Monday, October 26, 2009

DJ Liquidators & Savings... REALLY???

Marylander's may be familiar with the store DJ Liquidators. They are a closeout / liquidation store that seems to sell ANYTHING they can get. Items are varied (random) and range from candy, holiday decor, clothing, garden items, sports memorabilia, and much more.

I went to our local DJ Liquidators last week after not having been there for at least a year. I was looking for some decent-priced Baltimore Ravens items and some wicker baskets.

With this visit, it dawned on me why I don't frequent DJ Liquidators much. I may upset some by saying this but the prices there just aren't good! I can do a million times better sale shopping or using coupons.

I was looking for a good deal on Ravens items. They had tons of items but everything was so highly priced I felt like I was in a sports specialty store. One example of pricing is a silver Ravens travel mug that was $19.97. I checked out a 4-piece plastic toddler serving set (included bowl, fork, spoon, & sippy cup). It was $29.97! To me, these prices are just too steep.

I checked out the wicker baskets. The baskets that were even semi-decent quality started at $6. I can get GOOD baskets at the local craft stores on sale or with a coupon for that price!

I did wind up buying something but I left the store having spent only $7. I purchased a case of off-brand canned cat food for $6 (we needed it) and a .77 cent 4-pack of sour apple drinks that my son, the anything-sour-lover, said are disgusting...

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