Sunday, October 11, 2009

Toys R Us: Stacking Coupons to Your Advantage!

Around this time every year, Grandma Debbie gives us a Toys R Us Friends and Family coupon for 20% off a $75 or more purchase. The discount applies to almost everything except gift cards, formula, diapers, video game hardware, etc.

With coupon in hand, I went to our local store last night and got all this, plus this wooden baby gate for....
Drum roll......

JUST $47.98!

Pictured above are:

(2) Special Attack Bakugan, sale 2 for $9.99 (reg. $7.99 each)
(2) Seventh Generation liquid fabric softeners, clearance for just $2.48 and I had (2) $1 Qs
(1) Juicy Juice Immunity juice, sale $2.50 and had a $1 Q
(1) Seventh Generation travel pack of baby wipes, $2.49 reg. price and had $1 Q
(2) Arm & Hammer Essentials cleaners, clearance $.98 each and had B1G1 Q
(2) Arm & Hammer Essentials cleaners 2pk refills, clearance $1.48 each and had B1G1 Q
(2) Koala Kids baby boy coordinates (for a shower gift), clearance w/ extra 25% off and had a Q for B1G1 50% off
(2) prs Koala Kids baby bear slippers, clearance w/ extra 25% off and had a Q for B1G1 50% off
(3) Stretch Island Fruit Co. Fruit Leathers, $.49 reg. price and had B2G1 FREE Q
(1) Sponge Bob Centrum kids vitamins, clearance $3.98
(2) Koala Kids baby girl coordinates, clearance w/ extra 25% off and had a Q for B1G1 50% off
(12) jars Earth's Best baby food, $.89 reg. price, promo buy 12 get $2.50 off instantly, and $1 Q
(2) Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit ropes, $.89 reg. price and had Q $.50 off 2
(4) Johnson & Johnson's safety swabs, sale 2 for $3 and had (4) $1 Qs
(1) Safety 1st wood baby gate, $12.99 reg. price and had 15% off Q

And don't forget that before any other coupons were applied, I received 20% off of everything by using the coupon Grandma Debbie gave us! Keep in mind that for many stores, you are able to use both a store coupon, and a manufacturer coupon on the same item. That's what I did at TRU last night.

I also swiped my Rewards "R" Us card so my purchases go towards earning FREE TRU money. I'm sure I'll earn even more R Us Rewards this holiday season too!

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