Sunday, October 11, 2009

Arundel Mills: Steals of the Week

If you know me well, you know that I LOVE Arundel Mills! I mentioned earlier this week that I'd share my shopping trip with you. Here goes:

I stopped at the Disney Store. Their red ticket clearance items were an extra 25% off. The baby needed a new bag and lunch box so here's what I scored for $11.23. I got both pieces for less than $12; I was happy!

I received two email coupons for mystery savings at The Gap and Banana Republic. The mystery savings for each store coupon wound up being $5. The mystery savings ranges anywhere from $5 to $500. Last time I got $10. I also had a 15% off Gap survey coupon.

I was in desperate need of new jeans and I usually get my jeans from The Gap. They fit me well and last me a long time. Armed with my Qs (coupons) I went to Gap first and got two pair of jeans for $68.68. This isn't by far the best I've ever done on jeans, but like I said, I desperately needed them.

I went to Banana Republic and purchased this polo style shirt. It was $12.99 with an extra 40% off. My $5 mystery savings coupon brought it down to just $2.79. Score!

Like I had mentioned here, I went to The Children's Place (TCP), and used my 20% off coupons. I LOVE going to TCP at Arundel Mills because their prices are ALWAYS sooooo low!

I always go armed with coupons. I'm also a member of TCP's FREE Place Perks program so I earn FREE TCP money everytime I shop.

My mom had wanted me to pick up an outfit for my nephew for her so here's what I got for just $11.57. They are navy corduroy pants and a coordinating long-sleeved cotton top.

I also picked up some things for my daughter. I spent $13.56 and got 3 pairs of socks, a pair of jeans, a pair of khaki pants, and a matching white top. That's less than the regular retail of the jeans alone!

For my son who was in serious need of some nice tops, I found six to get him through the season, and possibly part of next year.

I also found some solid short-sleeved shirts that are perfect for undershirts. I got 2 white, 1 gray, and 1 navy (you can't see the navy shirt well in the pic). They were only $2.49 each!

For only $32.30 I got him 10 shirts! I didn't pick up any pants because I stocked up a couple months ago when Old Navy had their $10 jeans promotion for back-to-school.

The main reason I made my trip to Arundel Mills last week was because the baby needed some "real" shoes. Her little Robeez slippers were nice but they were getting small. She was due for some walkers anyway so at the Stride Rite store we picked up her first pair of white leather Stride Walkers for just $29.99. I didn't have any coupons but we needed them.

I remember way back when in my much-less-money-savvy days I bought my son his first pair of Stride Rite walkers at the regular Stride Rite store. They were about $60 (GASP!!!).

I also picked up the lace-keepers that go over the shoe laces. At first I thought the sales lady was trying to "up sell" me on these $4 thing-a-ma-jigs. But seeing is believing- I hadn't put the lace-keepers on her shoes yet but only left the shoes on her feet as we left the store. No sooner we walked out, the baby had untied her right, double-knotted shoe, and was chewing on it! So now Mommy has wisened up and we use the lace-keepers!

This sums up my Arundel Mills shopping spree from last week. What good deals have you scored lately?

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