Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ALL YOU Reality Checkers

Let me start by saying that I LOVE ALL YOU magazine. It's full of helpful tips and advice and... coupons!

Some time ago I received an email about becoming an All You Reality Checker. I'm glad I enrolled because since then I've completed several brief product and magazine cover surveys and have reaped the benefits!

I've received FREE product samples to try, FREE product coupons, and FREE magazines. All the surveys I've received have been verrrrry short (trust me, I'm not patient enough to fiddle around with anything longer than a couple of minutes).

To make things even better, on Friday I received a surprise box in the mail from All You Reality Checkers. It was a goodie bag filled with tons of loot! All You sent it as a holiday "thank you" gift!

If you have the time and are interested, check out All You!

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