Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I[2]Y Cancer Foundation

I generally don't write these type of postings but I'm going to make an exception...

This is about a friend of mine, Kurt Owen, and his "cause."

Kurt and I met at EVI in 2003. We worked together for a little over 4 years. He had a relaxed, easy-going personality but was also up beat and had an ambitious outlook.

During that time we played 2 seasons on the EVI co-ed softball team and sailed 2 seasons on boats Shadowfax and Unga Bunga.

Kurt was an awesome coach for the softball team. He gave everyone time on the field and was always there cheering everyone on (although for some players, all the cheering in the world wouldn't have made the difference!)

One of my funny memories about Kurt and softball were his black Reebok Pump football cleats. If you aren't familiar, Pumps were popular in the 90s.

I remember noticing Kurt's feet one day at softball and asking, "Are those Pumps?" Kurt smiled and nodded his head "yes." Kurt's Pumps were funny because at that time they were nearly a decade old. Kurt didn't care and neither did the rest of us. It was just funny he had shoes that old that were still in tact and functioning!

Another fond memory of Kurt was the time he grabbed my butt. Yup, tis true but let me explain! He, Jaime Davis and I were sailing one afternoon. The wind was picking up and the water was getting hairy.

I was leaning over on the side of the boat and fiddling with a line when the boat suddenly leaned in the direction I was bent over. Had Kurt not grabbed me by the back of my pants to pull me back, I would have went overboard. None of us on the boat cared to wear bulky life vests so who knows what would have happened had I been tossed into the river. I've never been more grateful for a butt grab!

Kurt was a great guy, full of life and eager to take on challenges. He left a positive impression on all of us. Unfortunately he left this world earlier this month, on December 13th.

Kurt's wife Jennifer shared on their blog the names of a few cancer organizations who were helpful to them this last year.

I was surprised to discover i[2]y. They support young adults who are diagnosed with cancer. According to Jen, there aren't many organizations out there who focus on people "my age" so it was nice to read about this support group.

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