Friday, December 18, 2009

$17 Acme Score with Pictures!

I went to my local Acme store last night and had a great time! I went with coupons and sale paper in hand and came out with all of this for just $17!

Check it out!

While yesterday was the last day of the sale, the concepts for saving money I outline below still apply. Here's what I did and how you can do it too!

I visited Moms Need to Know and got the list for coupon match ups. I subscribe to The Grocery Game but Acme isn't a list store. So if I shop at Acme, I go to MNTK.

I focused on the On Your Next Offer (OYNO) deal this week that was on the last page of the sale paper. If you spent $15 in qualifying products you earned a Catalina coupon for $5 off your next purchase.

I printed out the applicable internet printable coupons and also clipped a few from the Sunday paper inserts. I also had some matching coupons from Betty Crocker cooking magazines I received in the mail.

I did 4 transactions to roll the $5 Catalina coupons and pay the least amount of money out of pocket.

At checkout, I lined my items up on the belt, separated each transaction with a bar, and told the cashier I had 4 transactions. The cashier knows me well and didn't have a problem with my multiple transactions at all.

Trans. #1
(4) Progresso Bread Crumbs
(12) Green Giant frozen vegetables

Out of Pocket $7
Earned $5 Catalina

Trans. #2
(1) Chex Mix snack mix
(5) Betty Crocker potatoes
(3) Betty Crocker cookie mixes
(1) Pillsbury Cresent Rolls

Out of Pocket $4.08
Earned $5 Catalina

Trans. #3
(12) Progresso Soup cans

Out of Pocket $3.48
Earned $5 Catalina
Earned SURPRISE $3 Catalina that was Progresso Soup-specific

Trans. #4
(1) Gallon of whole milk
(1) 1/2 gallon of skim milk
(2) 2 pks of stuffed green peppers
(3) Bananas
(2) Pears

Out of Pocket $2.45

You might be thinking to yourself that this is a strange shopping trip. Where's all the meat, bread, etc. for the week you ask?

My answer- I don't need any! I am at a stage in my shopping now that most of my usual items are well stocked. I only pick up what I need each week such as fresh fruit & veggies, and bread and milk. Of course, I also pick up what's FREE or NEARLY FREE.

My family will easily consume the soup and frozen veggies. The other items I grabbed because they helped me get the most out of my dollar by generating the $5 Catalina coupons. What I won't use in the near future I'll delve out to family members or send in to school with my son for the needy families.

Moral of this post? Monitor the sales and stock up when you can. By stocking up on 12 packs of frozen veggies and cans of soup for example, I should be able to get by for some time before I get low again. By the time I need more, it will be time for another stock up sale. At that time I'll stock up again. Never, ever, paying FULL PRICE!

What good deals have you scored lately?

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