Monday, December 28, 2009

Avon: 4 for $5 to Your Door!

Woo hoo! I just stumbled across a pretty good deal with Avon!

I purchased 4 hand creams (retail $15.96) and am having them delivered to my door for just $5!

I typically don't pay much for lotions; I generally get them FREE or nearly free with all my drugstore deals. BUT- it's winter and my hands are in desperate need of some hand cream so I splurged (YUP- $5 is a splurge when you normally don't pay anything!)

Here's what I did and how you can do it too:

Go to and search Avon for 5% cash back.
Once redirected to Avon's site click on Special Offers on the left.
Then click the red skincare link near the top/middle of the page.
A little past halfway there's a link for Hand Cream Sale: 4 for $5. Click it.
Shop for your 4 items and then go through checkout.
Enter code CONFETTI for free shipping to your door!

If you are comfortable navigating the site, you can also shop under a local Avon rep (click icon at the top of the page). I always find a local rep. I think they might get credit for the order? Can anyone confirm?

Either way, happy saving!


  1. You really should try the Arbonne Ultra Hydrating hand lotion! It is one of my best sellers. Sign up as a preferred client and get 20% off!

  2. But I bet I can't get the Ultra Hydrating hand lotion for less than $2! :{