Friday, January 1, 2010

Hand Crafted Steal: $7 Dog Bed!

Many months ago the family and I were at our local Ikea store on a Wednesday night. Everything in the "as-is" section was an additional 50% off. At that time I picked up this large, gray, flannel-like sofa cushion cover for just $2.50:



The sofa cushion cover reminded me of something I could use for a new dog bed. I've had it sitting on my shelf all this time... until tonight...

When we went to Target earlier I picked up 6 bags of fake snow:

The bags were $.75 each for a total of $4.50. I left each bundle of "snow" as it was (i.e. I didn't pull it apart) and gently stuffed it into the cushion cover. The 6 bags were perfect! Not too much, not too little, just enough stuffing!

With stuffing in place, I zipped up the cushion cover and laid my new dog bed on the living room floor. In less than 30 seconds our dog Dahlia (a.k.a. Doo-Dee-Doo) ) found her way to her new bed!

What do you think? Does she like it?

*Frugal tip- As I was sitting, admiring the dog on her new bed, I had an "ah hah!" moment (a little too late I might add, but no biggie).

Just today I put one of my son's bed comforters that was looking a little worn in the bag for Goodwill. I could have easily opened the end and re-used the batting from the comforter to stuff the dog bed. I wouldn't have had to purchase the "snow" and would have only paid a total of $2.50 for the bed!

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