Friday, January 22, 2010

You Know He Gets It When...

The hubby went to the Dr's yesterday. He has bronchitis.

He was prescribed two prescriptions and a couple OTC meds. He dropped the scripts off at the pharmacy and was going to go back to pick them up.

He tells me what OTC meds and which pharmacy the scripts are at. My wheels start turning... I tell him I have some coupons he could use (hint, hint).

I gave him a $5/$20, $2 off Mucinex, and FREE $25 gift card w/ script coupon. I could have given him more but he didn't give me much notice to prepare AND I didn't want to overwhelm him.

He did it! He used the coupons, brought home the FREE $25 GC, got me the Game of Life game tokens, and even reported back that the OTC Prilosec has a rebate!

All this from a man who a few years ago ate out ALLLL the time and could care less about shopping around for the best price. I'm so proud!

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