Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shop Rite to the Max!

I never gave our Shop Rite stores the time of day when they were still Klein's. I was lured in by Shop Rite's Grand Opening sales when ownership changed and I've been a frequent shopper there ever since!

Here are some helpful hints and tricks to saving the MOST at Shop Rite:

1. Get a Shop Rite card. This way you get all the advertised deals.

2. Register your Shop Rite card online. This way if you forget your card you can use your phone number for the discounts.

3. Register your Shop Rite card with Upromise. With a swipe of your card you earn FREE cash back towards college.

4. While at Upromise, select their monthly eCoupons. This way you save even more on products you purchase.

5. Register your Shop Rite card with CellFire. Cellfire offers FREE eCoupons that come off with a swipe of your card. These can be combined with sales AND manufacturer coupons for additional savings.

6. Register with Shop Rite Family. It's a FREE points program that give you credit for many, many popular products you may purchase. You can redeem the points for FREEBIES such as Redbox movies, picture prints, movie tickets, and MORE!

7. Optional- it's not mandatory but it sure helps me save A LOT OF TIME- register with The Grocery Game and choose Shop Rite as your list store. For $1.25 per week, the Grocery Game will give you a list of the BEST deals at Shop Rite and any applicable coupons that might apply. You save well over the $1.25 each week and spend literally minutes just browsing "the list" and not the entire sale circular.

8. When going to Shop Rite, take your re-usable bags. Shop Rite takes 5 cents off your purchase for each re-usable bag you use.

9. If you're a senior, shop on Tuesdays! Shop Rite takes 5% off senior citizens' purchases on Tuesdays!

10. If you're a parent, take advantage of Shop Rite's Baby Bucks program. For every $100 spent on baby items, you earn a $10 off $50 coupon.

Ok, that's a lot of tips and hints! Off the top of my head, those are the reasons I LOVE SHOP RITE!

If I left any off, please DO SHARE! :) Happy saving!

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