Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jarrettsville VFW Flea Market & The Big Tarp: Eh!

Yup, I'm saying it! I usually don't post "negative reviews" but I was completely disappointed with these 2 places this morning. I had never been to either one before and will not be returning.

The hubby and "Miller boys" went out hunting bright and early this morning and Noel is with his father. Sooo.... the baby and I had a girls morning out.

We stopped at the Jarrettsville VFW Flea Market first. There were a total of 5 vendor tables and all but one of them had "junk." When I say junk, I mean faded pastel Home Interiors-type decor, dingy Christmas decorations, yellowed light switch covers, pieces of broken chain, used pocket knives, etc.

The solitary non-junk table was occupied by a friendly Cookie Lee/Avon rep. She was offering 50% off all the items on her table. A nice pair of sterling silver Cookie Lee earrings were $12 but I didn't need another pair of s.s. hoops!

Our next stop was The Big Tarp in Forest Hill. There were signs saying they were under renovation and it was clearly evident! There was a disorganized, trashy mess everywhere!

There were the typical flea market-type vendors such as Amish baked goods, pet items, candles, batteries/tools/guys stuff, Ravens & sports gear, and then there were just junky booths with stuff I can't imagining anyone wanting.

I entered both places looking for a good steal but left both empty handed and bummed....

After The Big Tarp the baby girl and I headed to Toys R Us (and boy did they cheer me up!) Stay tuned for some Toys R Us STEALS!

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